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Cleanses Packages

Why cleanse?
Cleansing is a contemporary take on fasting. Humans have used this practice to enhance well being for centuries. Many religions fast for spiritual purposes while others fast for longstanding health traditions. Approaches vary… some restrict eating during certain hours or days while others limit certain types of foods. So “fasting” actually includes a wide range of approaches. But the broad goal is always the same: to purify.


Internal cleansing emphasizes physical purification. It is not a total avoidance of food or drink but a targeted limit on foods or eating habits that might be irritating (processed foods). Most cleanse programs last a few days or weeks and advocate avoidance of all processed and refined foods in favor of whole, fresh foods in their natural form. This is done to insure the body receives only the highest quality nutrients to fuel its rest and repair process.


Cleansing can be done either as a preventative measure, to rid the body of toxins that might cause disease in the future. When potentially allergenic foods are eliminated and the work of digestion is greatly reduced, the body can devote more resources to self-repair.


Why GreenSurge Cleanse?
GreenSurge cleanses are short, easy-to-follow programs perfect for busy individuals. They consist of organic green smoothies and one cold press juice. Each smoothie/juice is made using fresh organic seasonal produce. All drinks contain multiple servings of leafy greens, vegetables and some fruit and most days include a vegetable-only smoothie. This flavor profile is new to many people, but most get used to it quickly and find that over time it helps improve sensitivity to sweet tastes!


Smoothie cleanses are gentle on the system and includes all the vital nutrients from blended fruit and vegetables. Unlike commercial bottled and powdered smoothies you find in stores, GreenSurge smoothies are individually made of whole foods: leafy greens, herbs, fruit, vegetables, the occasional coconut water, coconut milk or almond milk or spice. Just good, clean nutrient rich foods in a format that is easy to enjoy.


GreenSurge created these smoothie-based cleanse program as an alternative to the many juice cleanses on the market. Because juiced vegetables have a stronger flavor than blended vegetables, most juices tend to rely heavily on fruit or high-glycemic vegetables like beets and carrots to make them palatable. Juicing removes the fiber from fruits and vegetables which makes some nutrients easy to assimilate— especially the sugars!


All that adds up to a heavy dose of sugar in each juice, especially fructose. Current research shows that consuming large amounts of fructose can have negative health effects, especially when fiber is absent, and other helpful nutrients can be lost when fiber is discarded such as some alkalizing minerals. See the nationally acclaimed work of UCSF endocrinologist Dr. Robert Lustig. For these reasons, juice cleansing may not be the healthiest approach for some people. GreenSurge provides you a much tastier, filling option.


We offer three different cleanse options:
1-Day Surge Pack Cleanse
3-Day Surge Express Cleanse
5-Day Surge Extended Cleanse


Each cleanse consists of six organic green smoothies per day. A typical day… 
START YOUR DAY with a hydrating, slightly sweet smoothie to get you going.
SNACK on a light smoothie a few hours later.
LUNCH is a more substantial veggie-heavy smoothie with some healthy fat.
SNACK on a light smoothie a few hours later. 
DINE EARLY on another filling smoothie of about 200 calories. 
REFRESH in the evening with a low fat smoothie high in antioxidants, perfect support for your liver before bedtime.


What to expect: Every cleanse experience is unique. Don’t expect to have the same feelings or results as your friend who did a cleanse last month. You may have moments of mild discomfort that is a sign your body is adjusting; this is totally normal and may include symptoms such as: miss chewing food, brain fog, sluggishness, funky digestion, malaise or subtle skin eruptions. Fortunately these are short-lived.


Many people reported most of the following benefits: 
More energy 
Improved digestion 
Increased mental clarity and focus 
Clearer skin 
Steadier energy/mood 
Decreased inflammation 
Decreased allergic reaction 
Decreased cravings for sugar and refined foods 
More cravings for greens, vegetables 
Improved sensitivity to flavors 
Awareness of the effect of eating specific foods 
Mindfulness around eating 
Increased desire to create and maintain healthy habits
Improved mood because they knew they were doing something good for themselves


Tips for Success:

1.    Consult your doctor if you have thyroid disease, digestive disease, are recovering from an eating disorder, or have any other concerns about how cleansing will affect you. Note that liquid cleansing is not recommended for people with diabetes.
2.    Prepare for your cleanse by eating light a few days beforehand: raw and steamed vegetables, steamed whole grains (non-glutinous), and clean proteins such as tofu or fish. The Smoothie Pack (3 smoothies for 3 days) is perfect for prepping your body pre/post cleansing. Follow up by eating the same way for several days afterwards. Avoid refined foods, alcohol, dairy, and caffeine throughout the process. 
3.    Schedule your cleanse for a week/weekend when you have few demands. You want to be able to maintain the cleanse schedule, and allow your body time/space to respond to the demands of the cleanse.
4.    Be prepared for a few extra trips to the bathroom— this is normal, and a sign that your body is getting rid of extra waste. It’s also another reason to “schedule” your cleansing!
5. Remember that it is normal to lose weight during a liquid cleanse, but it is also normal for some of the weight to come back. If you want to keep the weight off long-term, consult a health practitioner who can help you develop a long-term strategy.
6.    Drink plenty of clean water before and after your cleanse— approximately ½ oz. water per pound of body weight is a good guideline.


Cleanse Myths and Facts

1. MYTH: Cleansing is a great way to lose weight and keep it off.
It’s true that most people lose some weight while cleansing. Much of this is water weight however, as the average human body can really only lose a few pounds of fat per week. Since you will be consuming fewer calories during your cleanse, your metabolism will slow down to adjust. So you may gain back some of the weight, as food will stick to you a little more. If you are healthy, your body will rebound from this change quickly. But if you go back to unhealthy habits as soon as your cleanse is over, your metabolism might not recover quick enough and you may gain back all the weight and then some.


FACT: Cleansing is a great way to jump-start habits that lead to long-term healthy habits…weight loss.
Cleansing may provide you with newfound energy, knowledge, and motivation to take great care of yourself all the time. Many people report that they “just don’t want” unhealthy foods after a cleanse, making this a great time to initiate longer-term changes such as eating plenty of healthy plant foods, limiting refined foods, and just eating less generally. These kinds of habits will help your metabolism rebound very quickly after a cleanse making it easier for you to lose weight in the long run.


2. MYTH: I need to take supplements or do special routines like enemas or liver flushing in order for my cleanse to be effective. All the extra fluids, fiber, and alkalinizing nutrients in GreenSurge smoothies will flush stored toxins out of your system— there’s no need for you to spend money on expensive supplements or uncomfortable processes.


FACT: In a short, gentle fasting such as the Surge Express or Surge Extended, your body should have no problem excreting stored toxins that get stirred up. More extreme cleanses, however, can be tricky. In an extreme fast, such as a lemonade-based Master Cleanse that lasts for weeks or more, it’s possible that more stored toxins will be released into your system than you can actually excrete. This can create a host of toxicity symptoms such as acne, moodiness, and hormone dysfunction. For this reason, some health experts advocate special herbs and routines to help with excretion. Others advise against such cleanses at all. Therefore you should always consult a doctor before embarking on any plan that eliminates food completely or lasts longer than a few days.


3. MYTH: I can’t go for days without eating solid food! I won’t make it! It’s true that the first day or two of any cleanse can be tough for first-timers. Surprisingly enough, most individuals miss chewing. Since calorie consumption has been reduced, some people are really hungry the first few days, but their appetites adjust quickly and so does their energy. Doing a cleanse with friends is a great way to minimize the discomfort. There’s strength in numbers.


FACT: You’re tougher than you think! By giving up something you are accustomed to for a few days — and doing it in a smart, balanced way— you might actually become more resilient. Not to mention all the free time you’ll have…no cooking or cleaning.


WARNING: GreenSurge smoothies, juices are produced in a facility where nuts are handled. Furthermore, GreenSurge smoothies, juices have not been pasteurized. Consuming unpasteurized products may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly, pregnant and breastfeeding women, and persons with disease, illness or weakened immune systems. GreenSurge will not be held responsible for adverse reactions that users may experience due to consuming these products.



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